BRANDED Magazine Jan/Feb 2016 Issue
This spread was my first time working as creative director. For this project, the lead designer gave me the concept for the shoot (backpacks), and I researched and created the visual concept for the spread. I found the photographer, stylist, and models I was confident would carry out my visual plan. I organized the location, time, and resources (plants, backgrounds, props) that we would use for the spread. At the photoshoot, I had poses planned out for the models and ensured that the right shots were being taken. 
Once the photoshoot was done, I worked with the photographer to achieve the right edits for the photos and designed the spread. 
Hotline Bling
Fiasco Gelato Single Serves
Girlventures App
Fiasco Gelato Winter 2016 Collection
Edward Hall Timeline
Beach Season
RAMBLR Media Kit
Up Close & Personal
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