COMM 3611: Visual Communication II
This project involved creating an application whose main purpose was to tackle a social issue. The issue I chose was the shockingly low number of young girls who were involved and engaging with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The application I designed would encourage girls to puruse STEM-related interests in hopes that they would become further involved and feel support in choosing a career in a STEM field. 
The process for this project began with creating a story. We had to have a distinct purpose and reasoning behind the creation of the application. I first created storyboards that showed the flow of the application and how it would be used. I then created multiple wireframes before fully committing to one layout and designing multiple screens. 

Spring Frenzy Poster
Fiasco Gelato Winter 2016 Collection
We Got Your Back
RAMBLR Media Kit
Beach Season
Edward Hall Timeline
Fiasco Gelato Single Serves
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